Starting a Routine is Key for Housetraining a Puppy

You need to try and get an appropriate routine ready for a new puppy. This should be used to teach your dog that there are times for going to the bathroom and times for other things that can be done. You can have an easier time with housetraining that puppy if you are careful with doing so.

The first thing to do is to set up specific times when you are going to walk your puppy over to a designated spot that the dog can go to the bathroom in. This includes finding a spot in a yard that is safe for the dog to go in. You need to factor in the ability of your dog to handle its bowels when figuring out the times. Your puppy should be able to handle its bowels for one hour for every month of its life.

You may need to get someone to walk the puppy over to a bathroom spot at specific times in the event that you aren’t available for doing so. The key is to be consistent so the puppy has a better idea of what time is okay for the puppy to go to a spot to relieve itself in. This is a part of setting up a routine that has to be used carefully.

Another part of getting a good routine going involves having the puppy be fed at the right times in the day. Your puppy has to be fed carefully with the right food at the right time of day so the routine can keep working right. This is also to make sure that the puppy is actually going to use the bathroom at specific times. After all, when your puppy does eat or drink that puppy is going to relieve itself within a few hours after doing so. You may as well get a good routine set up to keep the puppy from making a mess.

You have to be careful when you are housetraining a puppy. You should get an appropriate routine set up so your puppy can stay healthy and is going to use the bathroom at the right times. A puppy that follows a routine will be more likely to use the right spot for the bathroom when needed.

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